Combining a love for home comfort, a desire for adventure and a passion for fragrance, Gold Moss creates home fragrance products to enhance your space and connect you with nature.

We are an independent home fragrance company based in the Scottish Highlands, offering a range of hand poured soy wax candles and most recently; reed diffusers. Only the highest quality ingredients are used to bring you the best results. 

You might be wondering, who is behind Gold Moss? Well, the founder and maker is me, Edyta. I am often found running around with a cup of coffee, pouring candles, taking photos, packing orders and trying to figure out Instagram‘s algorithms! Luckily, I do have Will, my husband, who gives me a massive amount of support. 


"Every step is carefully considered to give you the best possible experience whilst minimising the impact to the environment."

When you order from Gold Moss, you will notice that caring for the environment is very important to us. From the natural soy wax used at the start of the candle making process to the plastic-free packaging that safely delivers our products to you, every step is carefully considered to give you the best possible experience whilst minimising the impact to the environment.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, Gold Moss plants one tree for every sale. The benefits of this are obvious and it gives us so much joy every month when we sit down and decide what projects around the world we will donate your trees to. Being located in the Scottish Highlands, we are surrounded by beautiful forests and woodlands, so making a difference in countries where deforestation is such a big problem means so much to us. 

We know that as a home fragrance company, it can easily become all about the fragrance. Candles offer so much more than just a fragrance to fill your home, their visual appearance and the ambience they create are of equal importance. This is why, not only do we create a wonderful selection of scents, but also place an emphasis on visual appearance with Gold Moss candles and reed diffusers. All of our products are presented with a unique, landscape-inspired design, to enhance your space and maximise your enjoyment. 


Why Gold Moss?

Imagine woodland adventures in the morning sun, a flask of freshly brewed coffee and the vibrant moss-covered ground glowing as the sun breaks through the trees. Now you know the inspiration for the company name. 

With our love for the outdoors and all things natural, it had to be connected with nature. Our Saturday morning walks were the perfect inspiration, with “Gold Moss” ticking all the boxes. 

Gold Moss is actually the name of an evergreen succulent, native to the UK, that blooms in early Summer with golden yellow flowers.